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i would consider ma self exceptionally intelligent dwn to earth with a good sense of humor ..got ma head on ma shoulder but of course that will speak for itself sooner or later if u take the time out. .. do me a favor n live yo life to the realest degree possible n approach ,r in a way that your "brain" can configure and not your. hormones.Im not tryna be anybdys plaything or woman on a string. There's more to me than wats on the exterior.
Music: reggae r&b hip hop.
TV: law n order SVU
Books: dnt read unless i hav o2. honesty
Sports: track,gymnastic (i only watch em dnt play em)
Interests: anything dat catches ma eye
Movies: shottas, belly, holiday heart, etc
BestFeatures: yuh tell mehh
Dreams: reach for ur dreams n liv in da sky reach for the stars n neva ask y! imma over achiever anything is possible

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